Gabriel is a relatively potent vampire given his young age, for a number of reasons. He was sired by an experienced Lasombra ancilla at the age of 20, an undercover Sabbat woman by the name of Amberlyn Joy. Once he finished his engineering degree at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, he moved with her to Wayne. However, as she revealed more of her intentions to him and more contacts came to light, he found an incredible difficulty in accepting what she was doing and the causes to which she was aligned. Realizing this and fearing they would end up on opposite sides when she was called to retake the city for the Sabbat, she decided to break up with him and detach before this could happen. The resulting fight came to blows, and the mortally wounded Gabriel was driven into a frenzy during which Amberlyn was consumed, overpowered by the mindless and destructive beast.

However, Amberlyn had a Tremere guest from the Camarilla coming, and upon walking in on Gabriel's feast he immediately sought the Prince of Wayne requesting that a blood hunt be called. Barely given enough time to heal, Gabriel had to use every talent at his disposal to escape the county even remotely close to unwounded. Knowing less than half of the Traditions and not ready to accept what he had been made, he fled on foot, traveling town to town and rarely stopping until he came to New Dresden a couple of months ago. Here he was taken in by an old friend now working as chief foreman in the local Pinkerton Auto plant, given a job and a place to stay in exchange for a few favors here and there. Finally as we come to present day, Gabriel has come to terms with the nature of the society he was flung into, and has begun to seek them out. He can only pray he is not found out first...

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